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View Resource The Urban Age Institute

Around the world, policy experts and concerned citizens continue to ask: What can be done about the problems of the world's cities? Of course, the problems of cities differ widely, and simple answers are in short supply, if they are any to be had at all. Based in San Rafael, the Urban Age Institute has been exploring some of these issues over the years, and their website contains some of their...
View Resource The Atlantic Citylab

What will the future of cities be like? It's a riveting question and one that excites the passions of the folks at The Atlantic Cities website. Their work here "explores the most innovative ideas and pressing issues facing today's global cities and neighborhoods." Visitors should browse through their newest articles, which might include "Why Our Kids Need Play" and "How Poverty Taxes the Brain."...

View Resource Places Wire

Are you curious to learn more about cities? You'd do well to make a beeline for the Places Wire site, which offers a cornucopia of material on urban parks, public policy, architecture, planning, and other topics. In sum total, the site is a "curated feed of news and commentary on architecture, landscape and urbanism." The site has partnered with 20 different organizations to provide new content on...