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Space probes. -- Voyager


View Resource Voyager Spacecraft Moves Towards Edge of Solar System

Traveling at 334 million miles per year, the Voyager 1 Spacecraft continues to return vast amounts of important astronomical data to researchers back on Earth, and has done so since its initial launch on September 5, 1977. Most recently, Voyager 1 has been in the news because it is rapidly approaching the boundary of the solar system, and will shortly reach interstellar space. Using measurements...
View Resource What Does the Edge of the Solar System Look Like? Ask Voyager

After twenty six years of travel, Voyager is setting a new record -- it will soon, if not already, pass through the bubble that surrounds our solar system. At this Web site, Rachel Weintraub at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center recaps the successes of the mission, which include providing the first views of volcanoes on Jupiter and close-ups of Saturn's rings. Users will find animations that...