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Dinosaurs -- Bibliography

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View Resource Team of Paleontologists Discovers New Dinosaur Species

Working as part of a joint expedition, scientists from India and the United States (including the well-known paleontologist Paul Sereno from the University of Chicago) announced this Wednesday that they discovered a new carnivorous dinosaur species in the Narmada River region in western India. Based on the bones located by the team, this newly discovered species of dinosaur was between 25-30 feet...
View Resource Important new dinosaur located in Utah

Recently, a team of researchers in a remote area of eastern Utah led by Utah state paleontologist James I. Kirkland made an important discovery that has been described as a type of dinosaur “missing link”. Essentially, this “link” represents a rather primitive plant-eater that evolved from the meat-eating raptors that also gave rise to modern birds. The dinosaur has been named Falcarius utahensis,...