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Persian poetry

View Resource The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

Written by the Persian mathematician and astronomer Omar Khayyam in the 12th century, the Rubaiyat consists of approximately 1000 quatrains. The Rubaiyat has been translated into over 70 different languages to become the most widely known poem in the world and both the beautiful poetry and the underlying philosophy of the Rubaiyat are responsible for its widespread and enduring popularity. Without...
View Resource A Thousand Years of the Persian Book

When some think of Persian literature, their minds might immediately turn to the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. There's much more than that, of course, and this online exhibition from the Library of Congress explores over a millennium of Persian printed works. Designed to complement an in situ exhibit, the sections here include The Persian Language, Writing Systems and Scripts, Religion, and Science...

View Resource Cambridge Shahnama Project

The epic poem Shahnama or "Book of Kings," which was completed in 1010 CE by the poet Abu'l-Qasim Hasan Firdausi, narrates the history of what is known today as Iran and is the longest poem ever written by a single author. This important work of Persian literature is the focus of the Cambridge Shahnama Project, which offers scholars "a comprehensive collection of manuscripts of the Shahnama [...]...