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View Resource Steven Lewis' Bing Crosby Internet Museum

The Bing Crosby Internet Museum, organized around a list of 65 FAQ's about Bing Crosby, allows you to test your knowledge of this legendary crooner. Each question links to detailed information about Crosby, his career, and his music. There are many music clips to download, including Crosby's 1932 recording of "Please," which Paul McCartney credited with inspiring the Beatles' "Please Please Me."...
View Resource Denver Public Library Western History and Genealogy: Digital Image Collection

The Photodigitization Project, an initiative of the Western History/ Genealogy Department of the Denver Public Library, catalogs, archives, and provides public access to an extensive collection of digitized photographs. Recently, the DPL made this database of images available on the Internet. Currently, the database contains more than 50,000 high-resolution images documenting the history of...
View Resource Theory and Techniques of Electronic Music

A music professor from the University of California at San Diego, Miller Puckette, is in the process of writing a book on electronic music, and the draft version can be found on this site. The book "is about using electronic techniques to record, synthesize, process, and analyze musical sounds." It focuses exclusively on the use of computers and computer music tools in the creation and composition...
View Resource Computer Graphics & Digital Animation

Computer graphics is a term that encompasses a wide range of sciences and techniques. To understand some of the processes involved in generating computer graphics, Cornell University offers this detailed introduction to the subject (1). The site contains explanations and a series of pictures that illustrate object rendering, shading, ray tracing, and more. Computer graphics has seen rapid...
View Resource Children's Drawings of the Spanish Civil War: A Virtual Exhibition Catalog

Curated by Angela Giral, Emeritus Director of the Avery Architectural Library at Columbia University, this web exhibition includes 153 drawings made by children aged 7 to 14 during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939). Children were evacuated from the war zones to war-free areas of Spain and the south of France, and many of the drawings show children travelling to these safer areas, as well as more...
View Resource The Art and Politics of Arthur Szyk

This exhibition of works by Polish-born Jewish artist and activist Arthur Szyk from the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum presents over 40 pieces by Szyk, dating from 1913 to 1949. There are book illustrations, pages from Passover haggadahs, and scenes from the biblical Book of Esther. Also of note are cartoons and caricatures from American newspapers and magazines including the New York Post,...
View Resource

When one thinks of tessellations, one may frequently think of the somewhat surreal and at times claustrophobic renderings of the legendary M.C.Escher, whose designs decorate many a college student's living space. Designed to celebrate tessellations, this website is maintained by David Annal, who himself has created a number of compelling patterns using tessellations, and placed them on the site....
View Resource University of Missouri in Brick and Mortar

All college graduates have fond memories of their school's campus, whether it be fine hours spent outside of a verdant green canvas in front of the Old Main, or spent in an august brick stadium watching various athletic endeavors. While some university and college websites offer brief tours of their grounds and buildings, the University of Missouri, through its nice University and Building and...
View Resource Lugnet: Global community of LEGO enthusiasts

"LUGNETâ„¢ unites LEGO fans worldwide through discussion groups, web pages, and services." It is "an independent site by fans, for fans" and not operated by the LEGO Company. Some highlights include an online crossword puzzle and a discussion forum that has apparently been called "the friendliest place on the Internet." Also available from this website are links to hundreds of other websites by LEGO...
View Resource World Trade Center Site Memorial Competition

Reconstruction of the World Trade Center site has begun in earnest in Lower Manhattan, and many people are looking forward to see the transformation of the site move forward. While the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation was responsible for launching the largest design competition ever to elicit submissions for the World Trade Center Site Memorial, only recently have all of the submissions...
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