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View Resource Acrobatics: A Tutorial on Adobe Acrobat and the Portable Document Format (PDF)

This article introduces users to the Portable Document Format (PDF). The article concentrates on the Adobe Acrobat software, discussing its options for document formatting and manipulation. The article also discusses how this format can be integrated into Web page design and education.
View Resource Shelfster

If you like physical shelves for storing books, DVDs, and other items, you'll probably enjoy the digital equivalent for storing documents, photos and the like: Shelfster. This application can be used to capture just about anything from any medium, including photos, spreadsheets, charts, and documents. Users will find that Shelfster can be used to bookmark websites, save images from the web, clip...
View Resource PDF Maker

It can be a bit onerous to create pdf files, but this helpful online tool makes this process easy. Visitors can insert their existing document online here and customize it as they see fit. The tool includes features that allow users to modify the page orientation, the margins, fonts, embedded links, and so on. It's a very helpful addition for those looking to create these files and it is...
View Resource TwinDocs

TwinDocs is a novel way to upload documents to a personal storage device quickly. Visitors need to sign up for a free account and then they can get started. The TwinDocs application gives users the ability to access any document remotely from technology such as an iPhone, iPad, or Android device. The free version of TwinDocs gives users 1GB of storage and the ability to store 25 documents a month....

View Resource PDFstash

Do you ever wonder where you put that last PDF you created? It can be a vexing problem, but with PDFstash you need wonder no more. The program allows visitors to put all of their PDFs in the cloud and then create bookmarks and folders that will keep things neat and tidy. Placing the PDFs in the cloud simply requires users to drag and drop documents. The free account option allows users to store 20...

View Resource ReMarkable

Educators and professionals will be delighted to learn about’s flagship application, ReMarkable. This handy app allows students or co-workers to submit documents digitally. It's a great way to reduce the use of paper and users can mark all documents and then send them back in pdf format. This particular version is compatible with Apple devices with iOS 6.0 or later.