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Utilizing technology generated by the University of Southampton, Cogprints is an electronic archive for self-archive papers in a number of scientific areas of study. Some of these areas include psychology, neuroscience, linguistics, numerous areas of computer science, philosophy, biology, anthropology, and several others. Currently, the archive contains over 1200 papers ranging from 1950 to 2004....
Greek Grammar

While some may view ancient Greek as a "dead language", this informative and edifying website proves that the language is far from dead, and that there much to be gained through close consideration of this magisterial language. Created and maintained by Professor Marc Huys, a faculty member of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium, the site serves as a clearinghouse of available online...
Kanji Alive

A number of educational websites dedicated to helping students learning various East Asian languages have found a home on the Web, and Kanji Alive is one that interested parties will find rather compelling. Created at the University of Chicago, Kanji Alive is a searchable Web-based tool that is designed to help beginning and intermediate-level Japanese language learners read and write kanji. The...
Icelandic Online Dictionary and Readings

Working in partnership with the University of Iceland and a number of other sponsors (including The Andrew Mellon Foundation) the University of Wisconsin Digital Collections group has created the Icelandic Online Dictionary and Readings website. This website also complements the University of Iceland’s Internet course, “Icelandic Online”. Persons interested in learning a bit about Icelandic will...
Interest in preserving endangered languages thrives on college campuses

Many groups around the globe are concerned with languages that seem to be slowly fading out of existence, whether they be spoken in Africa or Europe. Government efforts have helped out a number of languages during the past several decades and the role of various institutions of higher education should not be underestimated as well. One rather interesting program that has been in the news recently...
Traditions of the Sun: Chaco Culture National Historical Park

Chaco Canyon is considered one of the most important National Historic Parks in the Southwestern United States and the full import of the area is only now being explored by researchers working in the area. This interactive site was developed through a rather collaborative process between NASA's Sun-Earth Connection Education Forum and the National Park Service at Chaco Canyon, along with numerous...
Center for the Advanced Study of India

India remains a country that fascinates both scholars looking at its historical development and those who are intimately concerned with its role in the global economy. In order to provide a congenial place for people with such interests to interact and exchange ideas, the University of Pennsylvania created the Center for the Advanced Study of India (CASI) in 1992. Visitors to the CASI site can...
Anthurium: A Caribbean Studies Journal

While some may think the extent of Caribbean literature is limited to the works of Derek Walcott, the website for this journal housed at the University of Miami may help visitors to expand their horizons. Anthurium is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes original works by Caribbean writers and scholars, and appears only in a digital online edition. Started in the fall of 2003, the journal has...
Style and Status: Imperial Costumes from Ottoman Turkey

For some, the importance of style and fashion is paramount in their everyday lives. While many in contemporary society remain on the cutting edge of fashion in order to appear hip, life in other societies demanded much of vestments in terms of their ability to convey status and power. This was certainly true of life in imperial Turkey during the reign of the Ottomans, and this delightful online...
Measuring Linguistic Diversity on the Internet

From online dating to scholarly collaborations, the web facilitates millions of interactions between distant groups of people every day. One question recently posed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) was this: What languages are being used in all of this online activity? A good question to be sure, and this important document is the result of their...
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