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Urban studies (348)
World history (725)

AgEcon Search: Research in Agricultural Economics

Agricultural Economics is not just about the economics of cows. It is a multi-disciplinary field that includes development economics, natural resource and environmental economics, and global markets and trade, among others. AgEcon Search, provided through a cooperative effort of the University of Minnesota, the American Agricultural Economics Association, and the US Department of Agriculture...
Electronic Privacy Information Center (Last reviewed in The Scout Report on June 13, 1997)

When the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) was started in 1994, there were already substantial privacy issues surrounding the collection and use of electronic data at play. Since that time, such issues have grown exponentially in their scope, and EPIC continues to perform valuable research in the area. A good place to start exploring their site is right on the homepage, namely their...
Privatizing Social Security: The Wall Street Fix

"Privatizing Social Security: The Wall Street Fix," by Dean Baker of the Economic Policy Institute, argues that "Social Security is sound now and will continue to be sound indefinitely," and sees privatization as a serious threat. The Social Security system currently collects more in taxes than benefits paid out, with the excess held in the Trust Fund. But this is expected to change in 2014 when...
International Water Law Project

The International Water Law Project was last featured in the 10-26-18 Scout Report. Since that issue, the resource continues to add relevant water law and policy materials, including a new blog post on the UN Watercourses Convention. Access to fresh water is a fundamental need of every society. As such, international law and policy have become involved to help maintain the quality and quantity...
Science and Engineering Degrees, by Race/Ethnicity of Recipients: 1989-95

This newly-released report from the National Science Foundation details the progress (measured in terms of college degrees earned) of racial and ethnic minorities in the United States, between 1989 and 1995. The report, which is divided into five sections (Data Highlights, Technical Notes, Statistical Charts, Detailed Statistical Tables, and Classification of Programs), includes color charts,...
Earth 911

Ever wondered how or where to recycle something? The chances are pretty good that Earth 911 will have an answer. This resource offers a comprehensive recycling search directory that covers the United States and Canada. Users simply enter the item they want to recycle and their postal code to be presented with a list and map of the nearest facilities accepting that item. Earth 911 also provides a...
Steel Recycling Institute

The Steel Recycling Institute (SRI) provides information on various aspects of steel recycling and sustainability in North America. Founded in 1988 as a grassroots effort within the steel industry focused only on the recycling of steel cans, the SRI now promotes the recycling of all steel products and highlights related research. Recycling information is categorized into automotive, construction,...
Theodore Roosevelt: His Life and Times on Film

When you think of President Theodore Roosevelt, you might not think of many major film appearances. He certainly wasn't in any dramatic motion pictures, but his everyday life was chronicled on a large scale by several motion picture companies. From the Spanish-American War in 1898 to his death in 1919, this collection from the American Memory project at the Library of Congress offers up 87 films...
Resources for Teaching Social Psychology

This website was created by Professor Jon Mueller of North Central College in order to help fellow professors teach a range of social psychology topics to their students. The resources here are divided into 10 areas, including Online Lectures, Examples of Concepts, and Class Assignments. The site is updated frequently, and visitors can click through each of these sections to get a sense of the...
Scholarly Work in the Humanities and the Evolving Information Environment

This new report from CLIR (the Council on Library and Information Resources) describes the Scholarly Work in the Humanities Project, a project initiated to discover how humanities scholars use digital and print resources available to them and to help libraries to develop print and digital collections to better serve scholars' needs. Thirty-three scholars participated, with interests ranging from...
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