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Maple syrup

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The Spring Thaw is upon us, maple trees are experiencing below freezing temperatures by night and above freezing temperatures by day, signaling a time to cook up some pancakes because maple syrup is on its way! The following websites cover many aspects of the longstanding North American maple syrup tradition. The first site (1) presents Cornell University's Sugar Maple Research and Extension...
View Resource Cornell University-Sugar Maple Research and Extension Program

From Cornell University, this website features the Sugar Maple Research and Extension Program. The site provides great information, photos, and activities for maple syrup producers, students and teachers, and other maple syrup enthusiasts. The Syrup Production section has information on a variety of topics including How Does Sap Flow through Maple Trees?, Maple Recipes and Nutritional Information,...
View Resource Maple Recipe Collection

People in Vermont know a little bit about maple syrup and they can spin syrup and maple sugar into a delightful treat for any occasion. This digital collection of maple-infused recipes comes to the web-browsing public courtesy of the University of Vermont Libraries' Center for Digital Initiatives. All told, there are 49 items here, including recipes by Judith Jones (the cookbook editor for Julia...