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Collage -- Software

View Resource Collage Machine 1.0

Some of our readers no doubt have fond memories of getting out various newspapers, magazines, old art books, and other such materials and creating their own collages on a dreary Saturday morning that seemed to call out for such an indoors activity. While there might not be the same visceral feeling with this online collage machine, it is still definitely worth a visit. Presented with a blank work...
View Resource Fotor Collage Maker

Making a collage used to be labor intensive. First the artist needed to print pictures or cut them out from magazines. Then there was the process of scissors and glue. Mistakes were often made that could not be fixed. Those days are long gone, and in their place we have Fotor's Collage Maker, which makes collaging fun, easy, and glue-free. Click "get started" on the site to begin. From there, the...