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View Resource Asteraceae, a.k.a. Sunflower Family

The Family Asteraceae (a.k.a. Compositae, Composite, Sunflower, Aster) is an impressively large and diverse family of flowering plants (circa 20,000 species). This Topic in Depth offers an assemblage of sites that provide images of, and introductory information about, this remarkable family. From Backyard Nature (reviewed in the May 28, 2004 NSDL Scout Report for Life Sciences) this educational...
View Resource UC-Davis: Compositdb-Compositae Database

Compositdb is a database of information on Compositae species that was developed jointly by the laboratories of Richard Michelmore at UC Davis and Steve Knapp at Oregon State University. At present the laboratories "are primarily focused on sunflower and lettuce but will expand it to include any Compositae species for which there is sufficient data and interest." In addition to Lettuce and...