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Airships -- History

View Resource AIRSHIP: The Homepage for Lighter-Than-Air Craft

Jr?>?s a page pertaining to lighter-than-air gas-filled airships: dirigibles, blimps, balloons. Both contemporary and historical aspects are welcome. Subjects covered will include Zeppelins, U.S. Navy airships, British dirigibles, and the like.
View Resource Zeppelin: Airships of the Luftschiffbau Zeppelin, from Past to Present

John Dziadecki's Zeppelin page is an ambitious effort, containing historical zeppelin information, along with pointers to related Internet resources, media, museums, organizations, stamps, and an announcement of Zeppelin NT (New Technology), the forthcoming production of five new airships.
View Resource Lucid Cafe: USS Macon

The Lucid Cafe is a resource on coffee as well as a library and gallery, with a Biographies Archive. One entry in the Archive is this website on the USS Macon. The article describes the structure of this blimp, which had a top speed of about 87 miles per hour and was nearly twice as large as the famous Graf Zeppelin. Photos show the interior of the blimp as well as the trapeze and harness used to...
View Resource Seven decades after the Hindenburg disaster, zeppelins are experiencing a minor renaissance

In Germany, a City's Famed Industry Now Helps Keep It Afloat [Free registration may be required] Return of the Zeppelin Dark Autumn: The 1916 German Zeppelin...