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For readers with an insatiable appetite for trivia, knowledge, and answers to questions of all kinds, can be considered either a giant time suck or a small marvel of the information age. Readers can use the site in several ways. First, they may type a question into the search box at the top of the page and click "Go." For instance, entering "why is the sky blue?" returns an answer from...
Every Little Thing

Have you ever wondered about the history of self-checkout lanes at the grocery store? Or about the origin of the controversial sartorial item we know as cargo shorts? Are you curious to know more about flamingos? If so, Every Little Thing is the podcast for you. Hosted by Flora Lichtman (whose resume includes work for Science Friday, The New York Times, and the Netflix series Bill Nye Saves the...
How Things Work

If you've ever wondered how a neon light works, how food cooks, or why dust settles on the moving blades of a fan, this is an excellent place to find out. Professor Louis Bloomfield of the University of Virginia Physics Department urges users to "think of this site as a radio call-in program that's being held on the WWW instead of the radio." Users email questions about how things work and he...
The Last Word

The Last Word is an archive of questions from readers of the New Scientist, a magazine of science and technology. The answers to the 350+ questions in the archive come from readers. Visitors can browse through nine categories of questions, including Plants and animals, Around the house, and Gadgets and inventions, in addition being able to Search the site using key words.
The MAD Scientist Network

The Mad Scientist Network, provided by Washington University at St. Louis Medical School, is a Web based "ask a scientist" forum. You ask a question, and a scientist answers it. Answers are usually concise. The expert scientists include high school teachers, university faculty, and others. Both questions and answers are submitted via Web forms. A browsable and searchable question and answer...

We originally featured Wonderopolis in the 12-11-2015 Scout Report, and it continues to be a fun and educational resource for readers of all ages to explore. Courtesy of the National Center for Families Learning, this site "walks the line between formal and informal education," creating experiences supporting the idea that "wonder is for everyone." Readers may like to begin by scouting the...