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Nixon, Richard M. (Milhous), 1913-1994 -- Archives

View Resource The Nixon-Presley Meeting: The Documentation

One of the highlights of the National Security Archive (George Washington University) web site, is the Richard Nixon-Elvis Presley meeting section. After writing a six-page letter in which he suggested being made a "'Federal Agent-at-Large'" in the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs," Elvis Presley visited President Nixon on December 21, 1970. This site contains an image of the actual letter...
View Resource Nixon Tapes: Secret Recordings from the Nixon White House

Released in August 2003 by the National Security Archive as part of its Electronic Briefing Book series, this compilation offers primary documents and audio selections dealing with the relationship between President Richard Nixon and the former president of Mexico, Luis Echeverria Alvarez. While normally the public would not be privy to the contents of their discussions (held in June 1972), hidden...
View Resource The Richard Nixon Library & Birthplace

Located in Yorba Linda, Calif., the Richard Nixon Library & Birthplace opened in 1990 with a cadre of visitors and guests that included former Presidents Bush, Reagan, Ford, and of course, Nixon. Actually, the museum tour of the site is not a bad place to start, as visitors are taken around both his childhood home, the permanent galleries, and upcoming exhibits. The childhood home feature includes...