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Webcams -- Software

View Resource SurveillizCam Lite 1.14

For users with a web cam or video capture card, SurveillezCam 1.14 will be a real find. With this application, users can use their home computer as a way to monitor their home or office while they are away. The application has the ability to detect motion and log surveillance video into AVI as well. Visitors will also be monitored of abnormal motion via a sound alarm or live videos. This version...
View Resource Active WebCam 8.0

A number of users may have heard of various webcam programs, and if they remain interested in such devices, Active WebCam 8.0 is worth a look. With this application, users can capture images at up to 30 frames per second, and then can also use the program to stream audio and video. Additionally, users can also control the camera’s pan, tilt, and zoom features as they see fit. This version is...
View Resource ManyCam Virtual Webcam 2.4.44

If you're the kind of person you has a need for being in several different places at once, the ManyCam application is worth a look. Essentially, the application allows interested parties the ability to use their webcam with multiple programs simultaneously. The application also allows users to customize their backgrounds with falling snow, flickering flames, or a pelagic view that gives the...