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Central Europe Today

If you are interested in reading news directly from Central Europe, then this is the publication for you. Central Europe Today is a daily English language radio news magazine syndicated throughout Central Europe.

This is a fun stop for those who want to keep up on the Web's ever-changing zeitgeist. A project of MIT's Media Laboratory, Blogdex lists the most referred-to sites in Weblog world. That is, Blogdex has a crawler that keeps track of what sites Weblogs are linking to and gives a list of the most popular. Clicking on the who? link brings up the Weblogs that linked to the site in question. Users...
PBS Frontline Home Page

This Web site companion to the popular PBS show Frontline offers attractions for both the show's aficionados, as well as those with a more casual interest. There are previews of upcoming shows and an archives of past shows, which can be browsed chronologically or by subject - handy for a general user looking for information rather than a particular show. Web sites for individual previous shows...
Former President of Liberia Issued Arrest Notice

This week Interpol issued a notice of arrest for the former Liberian President Charles Taylor, who is currently in asylum in Nigeria. Taylor assumed power in Liberia in 1989, and served as president of the country until this past summer when anti-Taylor rebels began to sway the balance of power within the West African nation. Previously, Taylor has been indicted on charges of crimes against...
PBS: NOW with Bill Moyers

Long known for his ground breaking work in public television and radio (including collaborative efforts with the late Joseph Campbell and others), Bill Moyers hosts the NOW program on PBS. Designed to complement the actual television program, the website contains copious information about each week's program, including a full transcript of the proceedings. The program itself is divided into four...
New hotel near Hitler's Bavarian retreat draws sharp criticism

Just over a month after the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, another reminder of Adolf Hitler's legacy has created additional controversy in Germany. This week a five-star hotel operated by the InterContinental group opened near the location of Hitler's Alpine retreat on top of the Olbersalzberg mountain in Bavaria. Bavarian tourism and finance officials were quick to defend the...
SoCal Connected

Even as public interest programming on television seems to constitute less and less of the average programming schedule, there remain a few bright spots on the dial. One such program is SoCal Connected, which is a public affairs television show that focuses on issues throughout the state of California. The program is produced through a collaboration of four of the state's PBS stations, along with...
Tell Me More

The "Tell Me More" program on National Public Radio promises to bring "the wisdom of renowned thinkers, activists and spiritual leaders" to the curious public. The show is hosted by Michel Martin, and she describes the program as "a gathering place for dialogue about the important issues facing the country." Regular features on the program include "Political Chat," "Faith Matters," and "Wisdom...
Link TV

Link TV was created in 1999 and it is dedicated to "providing global perspectives on news, events and culture." It is, as its homepage says, "television without borders", and visitors to the site can watch topical documentaries, listen to world music, and check out their podcast series. In the "Watch" area, the site profiles some of the more recent offerings, which include everything from Middle...
Is the Old Better Than the New? A Study That Puts the Stradivarius to the Test

In Classic v. Modern Violins, Beauty is in Ear of the Beholder [Free registration may be required] Aesthetics and Money: Fiddling with the Mind Stradivarius Fails Sound Test versus Newbie...
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