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University of Alabama Digital Collections

For devotees of Alabama history (and even for those who aren't), the University of Alabama's Digital Collections are a real find. Currently, the site offers up more than a dozen digital collections, including The University of Alabama Encyclopedia and the Hugh Davis Farm Journals. The Hugh Davis Farm Journals are quite a find, as they offer an insightful portrait of a 19th century attorney and...
Shape Collage 2.5

If you have ever wanted to make a collage out of your digital images, Shape Collage 2.5 is a good place to start. Essentially, users place their shots online via the Shape Collage program, and they choose a rough shape for the collage and also select how tightly the photos should be located together. Overall, it's easy to use and visitors will have fun determining if they should make their collage...
Lewis & Clark College Digital Collections

It's impossible to say what noted explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark would think of any digital collection, but they would be probably be generally pleased to learn of this particular online treasure. Created by library staff at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon, this site contains all of the school's completed digital collections. All told, there are over a dozen thematic...
Digital Hub: Chicago Mayor's Office

Cities around the world are making information accessible to people around the globe and Chicago is part of this exciting trend. The Digital Hub site from the Chicago Mayor's Office provides information about a variety of new digital initiatives, including data sets from different city departments and information about hackathons. On the homepage, visitors can look over sections that include City...
Library of Congress: Free to Use and Reuse Sets

The Library of Congress is well known and loved for its vast online collections. Readers who find the library's digital enormity overwhelming, as well as those seeking royalty-free images, may appreciate these sets of copyright-free images and other content curated from the library's holdings. Here, visitors will find more than two dozen sets organized by theme, many of which are historical images...
Text on background image a11y check

When text is placed over a background image, it may be difficult for some users to read. Developers and designers can use this simple tool to check whether text is readable over an image. It is especially useful for multicolored or patterned background images where text may be readable over some parts of the image but not others. To use the tool, visitors enter their text, select the text color...