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WinZip 14.5

The WinZip Computing organization recently released the latest iteration of their utility program, and it has some noteworthy additions. This version is aimed specifically at establishing complete Windows 7 compliance, and it also adds previews for certain file types. Additionally, the automatic wiping feature assures that the temporary file created by WinZip will be "shredded" after the unzipping...

Would you like to countdown? Or count up? Well then TickCounter might be worth checking out. TickCounter lets users create their own countdown clock so that they can keep tabs on important events and dates. Visitors can customize the clock for the time zone of their choice, and they can also give each event or date a name for easy reference. TickCounter is compatible with all operating systems.
Comodo Online Storage

Having a backup of important files is crucial, and Comodo Online Storage offers one possible solution. After completing a brief registration, visitors will be able to store up to 5GB at no cost. The site also includes a video presentation, a simple drag & drop feature for adding files, and the ability to create folders for said materials. This version is compatible with Windows XP and newer.

If you're trying to manage a get-together with friends or a business meeting, Twoppy is worth a look. Visitors with an iPhone can use Twoppy to add practical information about an event (such as driving directions) and then add maps and other information about the event, such as the time and a description. This version of Twoppy is free and compatible with iPhones running iOS 4.1 and newer.

If you're looking to create a compelling story using media from different sections of the Web, Storify is worth a look. After signing up for a free Storify profile, visitors can "curate" the elements of their story by dragging and dropping status updates, photos, or videos to make their own interactive tale. A delightful feature of Storify is that it gives users the ability to also write...

For academics all over the world, is a place "to share their research, monitor deep analytics around the impact of their research, and track the research of academics they follow." Currently, over one million academics have signed up, and there are over 1.2 million papers available online here. It is completely free to sign up, and registered members can share their own professional...

Have you ever wanted to tweak the appearance of your Gmail account? This is now possible, courtesy of BrandMyMail. First-time users can watch the short video on the homepage to learn about the functionality of the program, gather some insights into how one might best utilize its primary features. Visitors can add social media links to their emails, create different layouts, and tweak the colors...

Those persons who do their own website design will find TextImages most useful. Developed by Stefan Trost, this helpful tool allows users to integrate text written on images into their websites. Visitors can create single text images with this application, along with a wide range of pictures. Visitors also have the ability to precisely adjust the writing, design, format, style, colors, fonts,...
Focus Writer

In a media-rich environment with a wide range of entertainment on-demand, it can be hard to focus for more than a few minutes at a time. Focus Writer provides a simple, distraction-free writing environment. The program utilizes a hide-away interface that users access by moving their mouse to the edges of the screen, and it's quite helpful. This version is compatible with all operating systems,...
Walk Score

If you're looking for a walkable community, is there a way to determine which neighborhood might be best for you? Interested parties might use the Walk Score to get a basic sense of nearby amenities, such as grocery stores, parks, restaurants, and so on. Visitors can type in a street address or neighborhood, and they can find out the location's cumulative Walk Score. Also, visitors can use the...
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