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Scheduling -- Software



There are only so many hours in the day (24, to be exact) and it can be a tremendous challenge to manage and keep track of various comings and goings, birthdays, work commitments, and so on. Reminder Cube is a fine way to keep abreast of such things, as it a fully functioning desktop calendar that allows users to set daily events and tasks to be noted with an alarm. Additionally, users can take...

For those times when you need to remember an important birthday (aren't they all important?), a paper due date, or a special occasion, ReminderFox can be of great assistance. The application was designed for users who don't want to run a whole calendar application, but they still want to be kept alert about various happenings and such. This version is compatible with all operating systems.

Scheduling meetings - whether for work, for volunteer activities, for sports, or for just about any other occasion - can be laughably difficult in today's hyper busy world. That's where NeedToMeet, a handy online app, comes in. Using the calendar is easy. Simply enter your available times and then share the invite with guests who may then mark the times they, too, are available. A single glance...