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View Resource BBC: Research and Development

The research and development centre of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) conducts original work in "media production and broadcasting technology." This Web site features an extensive array of publications that highlight some of the projects at the centre. The 2002-2003 Annual Review gives a general overview of various research topics including delivery, production, and spectrum planning....
View Resource OneWorldRadio

A number of media commentators have been complaining lately about the lack of ideological viewpoints within the vast sea of radio programming, something that has not been lost on the people at OneWorldRadio. Funded by the Department for International Development, OneWorld Radio is part of an international network of over 1200 partner organizations that are utilizing the internet "to promote human...
View Resource Odyssey

"Eclectic" would be one of the best adjectives to describe the far-ranging world of the Chicago Public Radio's daily talk show known as "Odyssey". When it seems that the extent of most commercial radio public affairs programs tends towards those who can screech the loudest, Odyssey continues to offer insightful commentary and discussion on any number of issues. The program is hosted by Gretchen...
View Resource Word for Word

Not many public radio programs can claim to have a host who has worked on a pirate radio ship off the English coast, but Word for Word is just that type of program. Host Melinda Penkava oversees the work of this remarkable program, which offers up an interesting and timely speech on a pressing topic in the news. These speeches come from such venues as the National Press Club, the Chautauqua...
View Resource Media College

A multimedia production company in New Zealand has website that offers free tutorials, references, resources, and forums on electronic media production. There are lessons on "Video", "Audio", "Photography", "Graphics", "Computer", "Internet", a "Glossary", and "Equipment" that offer operating manuals from 18 different brands of equipment. There are a number of free downloads, including a "Talent...