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Data encryption (Computer science) -- Software

View Resource Off-the-Record Messaging

Very few of our activities on the Internet are, strictly speaking, private. Nearly everything we do is logged somewhere, and our instant messaging is no exception. This is where Off-the-Record (OTR) Messaging can help. For those who are chatting about confidential matters (e.g., medical histories) or those who simply want their privacy, OTR can help keep instant messaging secure. OTR uses standard...

View Resource Virtu

Privacy concerns have become a major issue for Internet users, and the privacy of email is no exception. Every email you send is potentially being profiled by advertisers, screened by government agencies, and perhaps even intercepted by hackers who would like to use your personal information for their own ends. Virtu takes care of all that. The extension, which is tremendously easy to install,...

View Resource Viivo

Whether it is Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, or one of the other multifarious iterations of cloud-based storage now available, most Internet users store at least some of their data far away from their home computers. That's no problem when the data is something innocuous like a grocery list or a batch of cat photos, but what about when the files are medical records, social security information,...

View Resource Signal Private Messenger

Signal is a communications platform for iOS and Android devices that supports text messaging, voice calls, and video calls. While users are identified by their phone number, Signal messages and calls are sent via the internet using a wifi or data connection, not over the cellular voice network. Because of this, there are no charges beyond data fees for Signal calls, even for long distance or...

View Resource Cryptomator

Cloud storage can be a tempting offsite backup approach, but without some sort of encryption one runs the risk of accidentally publishing all the files they've backed up to the world. Cryptomator provides such an encryption layer. It provides a virtual hard drive that users can treat like a USB stick. But under the covers, Cryptomator transparently uses industry standard AES encryption to encode...