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Business presentations -- Computer network resources

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If you're looking for a creative and novel way to create meaningful presentations, Prezi is well worth a look. Prezi uses a whiteboard style visual interface, rather than the more traditional slide format. Visitors can incorporate videos, photographs, charts, and so on quickly and easily. It's easy to use the program for business presentations, educational activities, and so on. First-time...
View Resource MagPointer

Are you tired of reaching over your PowerPoint presentation with a pencil, pointer, or other device? Now, thanks to MagPointer, there is a simpler way. This application gives users the ability to enlarge, focus, zoom, or highlight specific elements or areas of their slides. It's a great way to enhance an existing presentation and the free trial version here can be used for 30 days. This version is...

View Resource Slides

If you're looking for a great way to create and share beautiful presentations at no cost, you should give Slides a look. The program gives visitors the ability to use the software on many devices, add audio to each slide, import PDF files seamlessly, and much more. Presentations will be publicly available, unless visitors elect for the paid version, in which case they can be kept private. This...