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Cosmology -- History

View Resource Cosmic Journey: A History of Scientific Cosmology

Understanding the universe and space in all its complexity has consumed the passions of many people over the millennia. With an interest in bringing material from the world of scientific cosmology to the web-browsing public, the American Institute of Physics and the Center for History of Physics have created this website. The site is divided into two primary areas, titled “Ideas” and “Tools”. In...
View Resource Cosmos and Culture

What can science do for us? Perhaps a better question is what can science not do for us? These are but a few questions posed by the NPR blog, "Cosmos and Culture". The contributors to the blog include a range of scientists, including a theoretical physicist, a biologist, and an astrophysicist. The goal of the blog is "to engage in a discussion with each other'and you'about how science has shaped...
View Resource Finding Our Place in the Cosmos: From Galileo to Sagan and Beyond

Scout staff and readers ponder the same questions about the cosmos that many great minds have sought to answer long before us. This resource is a collection of items that look into the lives and minds of the great thinkers in the field. They range from Galileo and Copernicus to Carl Sagan. With the release of the television series "Cosmos," we feel that we are unofficially in the year of Carl...