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Digital music players -- Software

View Resource Songbird

Birds come in many shapes and sizes, and this particularly lovely Songbird application can be customized in ways that aren't currently possible with say, a robin or the common barn owl. This open source application is part digital jukebox, part web browse mash-up. It allows users to play just about any media file available, and users can also customize with two unique skins, which the makers of...
View Resource Rockbox Utility

Those persons looking for an open source replacement firmware for a wide range of portable digital audio players need look no further than this latest release of the Rockbox Utility. It supports a wide range of popular models (including various iPods) and visitors are welcome to customize it as they see fit. This version is compatible with all operating systems.
View Resource Floola

Those persons looking for an alternative to iTunes might find Floola worth a look. This portable music playing software package allows users to take notes and download photos quickly. Visitors can also use the application to keep their Google calendars updated. This version is compatible with computers running Windows 2000 and newer.
View Resource Picard Tagger

Those individuals with sizable (or not so-sizable) music collections may wish to take a look at the Picard Tagger application. The application allows users to create album-oriented tags that will work across different platforms, and it will also help them to create a more sophisticated way of accessing and organizing their music files. The site for this application also contains complete...
View Resource YourListen

Do you want to download your own lectures, talks, or musings for others to listen to? YourListen is a great way to make this happen. Visitor can sign up for a free account that will let them upload their own audio files to this sharing service, and they can also add tags to each individual file. The site also includes a number of channels that are worth a look, and some of them may serve as a bit...