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Developing countries -- Research

View Resource World Bank: Global Challenges: Fragile States

The World Bank is concerned with many parts of the developing world, but they are particularly interested in the so-called "fragile states". Loosely defined, "fragile states" are countries "facing particularly severe development challenges such as weak institutional capacity, poor governance, political instability, and frequently on-going violence or the legacy effects of past severe conflict." To...,,conte...
View Resource World Bank: Global Challenges

The World Bank works to combat poverty and to increase development opportunities around the world, but they also have selected six strategic themes that focus in on global development. First-time visitors to the site can listen to World Bank President Robert B. Zoellick talk about these themes, and they may also wish to follow along with the accompanying slideshow. Themes include global public...
View Resource Human Development Reports

“People are the real wealth of a nation.” So began the first United Nations Development Programme’s Human Development Report almost a quarter century ago. Issued annually, subsequent reports have included such themes as Sustainability and Equity (2012) and Cultural Liberty in Today’s World (2004). The 2014 report, Sustaining Human Progress: Reducing Vulnerabilities and Building Resilience, argues...