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Instant messaging -- Software

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With a logo that resembles a purple version of a certain urban-dwelling bird, the Pidgin messaging client is a great find amidst all of the sometimes bland options in this area. Pidgin allows visitors the ability to streamline different messaging services into one device, and it works with services offered by Yahoo!, MSN, and Google Talk (among others). As with most other programs, visitors can...
View Resource Adium

When Adium disappeared during development, a number of users were quite disappointed. Those users need worry no longer, as their development team recently released this version of this multiple-protocol, instant messaging client. Visitors can insert their existing addresses into the client and they will also appreciate the very sleek and elegant design of this particular iteration. This version is...
View Resource Off-the-Record Messaging Screenshot

Very few of our activities on the Internet are, strictly speaking, private. Nearly everything we do is logged somewhere, and our instant messaging is no exception. This is where Off-the-Record (OTR) Messaging can help. For those who are chatting about confidential matters (e.g., medical histories) or those who simply want their privacy, OTR can help keep instant messaging secure. OTR uses standard...