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French Revolution -- Caricatures and cartoons

View Resource Imaging the French Revolution

Any good historian knows that to create a multifaceted and thorough portrait of any historical event or process it is important to draw on a multitude of primary and secondary sources. For example, if one merely relied on Edmund Burke's "Reflections on the French Revolution", he or she would certainly craft a rather one-sided portrait of this monumental event in world history. For more diverse...
View Resource Prints from the Curzon Collection: Images of Napoleon and British Fears of Invasion, 1789-1815

In recent years, the Oxford University Library has embarked on a number of ambitious digitization projects. One of their projects has focused on a collection of 1400 prints of political cartoons from the period of the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars. The collection includes prints from both British and European publications and focuses on changing representations of Napoleon and on British...