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Computer files -- Catalogs

View Resource Every File Format in the World

Created by whatis, a large online encyclopedia of information technology, this site contains a huge list of probably "every file format in the world." Arranged alphabetically, some with links to additional information, the list may prove helpful to users at all computer skill levels. The main whatis site offers over "2,000 individual encyclopedic definition/topics and a number of quick-reference...
View Resource Quicksilver 1.0b51

Looking for files and applications can be a bit of a bother, to say nothing of time-consuming over the long run. Quicksilver 1.0b51 is a keyboard-shortcut launcher that benefits from having a visually pleasant interface and a number of customization options that are quite unique. It lets users create a task viewer, a "shelf" for storing frequently accessed files, and a clipboard history. This...
View Resource Quicksilver 1.0b53

For persons with hundreds of documents or files on their computer, searching around for a little-used (yet important) file can be very time consuming. Quicksilver can help users out with that problem as it creates a catalog of applications and a number of frequently used folders and documents. Each search is adaptive, so Quicksilver will be able to recognize which items a user is looking for based...