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Fractals -- Computer-assisted instruction

View Resource Flash Fractal Maker

While some may know fractals primarily from their use in abstract painting and African art, fractals are important elements within the world of mathematics. For those who seek to learn more about the construction of fractals and their uses, this very nice Flash-enabled feature from Daniel Gries at Merrimack College will definitely come in handy. This particular Flash applet draws fractals by means...
View Resource Whatcom Online Math Center

Located in lovely Bellingham, Washington, Whatcom Community College serves a diverse population from all across the state and beyond. Their math center has developed this rather nice collection of math links that include helpful test-taking hints, online exercises, and resources for teachers looking to find new ways of exploring everything from geometry to measurement. While the site doesn't have...
View Resource XaoS 3.5

To experience the world of fractals is quite a treat. This wonderful application allows visitors the opportunity to explore fractals by continuously zooming in and out around their various forms and manifestations. XaoS can display a wide range of fractal types, including Mandelbrot, Phoenix, and many more. The site includes a number of tutorials, complete with information about how the program...