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Alarm clocks -- Software


Weather Alarm Clock 2.1

This handy application is fairly self-explanatory: It displays both the weather and tells the time. Now, it does so in a visually pleasing manner, and for that alone it should be praised. It comes with a few customized skins, and users can create alarms which can be accompanied by pop-up messages. Finally, for those who are quite particular about the exact time, the clock feature can be...
Break Taker

Do you need a break? Would you like your computer to give you a reminder about said break? BreakTaker can help by encouraging users "to take short breaks at regular intervals." Visitors can use this application to change the time between break notifications and customize its appearance as well. This version is compatible with Windows.
I Can't Wake Up

Do you have trouble getting up each morning? Are you guilty of hitting snooze multiple times before starting your day? If so, this application may be for you. I Can't wake up, an app for Android and iOS devices, functions as an alarm clock specifically for those who struggle to get out of bed. This particular alarm clock requires users to perform a basic task, such as a math problem, before they...