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Economics -- Audio-visual aids

View Resource Visualizing Economics

Taking a page from Adam Smith, the motto of this delightful site is "Making the 'Invisible Hand' Visible." Under the guidance of Catherine Mulbrandon, the site brings together economic data and the powerful techniques of information visualization. She does this quite effectively through such thematic maps as "Where do Britain's rich and poor live?" and the "United States Household Income Map"....
View Resource Economics Network of the Higher Education Academy

The Higher Education Academy has a number of well-developed databases of materials designed for educators, and the Economics Network is one that should not be missed. The homepage includes a brief introduction to the network and an area designed particularly for newcomers to the site. On the right hand side of the homepage, visitors can take in economics podcasts and learn about new case studies,...
View Resource National Economists Club

Founded in 1968, the National Economists Club (NEC) is an educational organization which "aims to encourage and sponsor discussion and an exchange of ideas on economic trends and issues that are relevant for public policy." They sponsor a wide range of activities and one of their most compelling efforts of late can be found on this site. In January 2007, they began recording their luncheon...