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View Resource Quicksilver 1.0b53

For persons with hundreds of documents or files on their computer, searching around for a little-used (yet important) file can be very time consuming. Quicksilver can help users out with that problem as it creates a catalog of applications and a number of frequently used folders and documents. Each search is adaptive, so Quicksilver will be able to recognize which items a user is looking for based...
View Resource CCleaner

The road to a smoothly running computer can be paved with unused files and all types of extraneous items. This version of CCleaner can help users with such matters, as it cleans up temporary files, recycled items, log files, and other such pesky items. This version is compatible with computers running Windows 95 and newer.
View Resource DataLocker

Personal cloud services are growing rapidly and they can be quite useful. However, they open up various security concerns and people can be a bit wary of using them. The DataLocker suite of products is free, and it can encrypt and store secure files in any local file system or cloud storage system, including Dropbox. First-time visitors can check out a tutorial on this website to decide whether...
View Resource Digital Pigeon

If you're looking to send large files, why not give Digital Pigeon a try? With this free version of the program, users can send up to four 500MB files a month to three recipients. It's a great way to consolidate the transfer of large pieces of information, and the site includes a demonstration and an FAQ section. This version is compatible with all operating systems.

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View Resource Padlet

Are you looking for a blank wall? This online application can give you that blank wall for your own personal entertainment, edification, and general bemusement. Padlet offers visitors the opportunity to drag and drop just about anything onto a virtual wall, and share that wall with others while additions, deletions, or changes are tracked in real-time. Additionally, users can embed their wall on a...

View Resource Younity

Are you interested in going into the cloud? Perhaps you'd like to share a few files for reference on the go, as you travel, and more? This is all possible with Younity, which is a great way to keep important items on hand. Interested parties can simply download the app, read the FAQ area, and get started. It's a seamless way to share lots of files and is compatible with iPhones as well as Windows...