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Consumer price indexes -- United States

View Resource What is a dollar worth?

This site, provided by Rob Grunewald of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, is simple, yet elegant and powerful in both concept and execution. Based on the Consumer Price Index (all major expenditure classes), users enter a year between 1913 and 1997 (at present) and a dollar amount purchased. Then another year is entered, and the "CPI Calculation Machine" produces an equivalent dollar amount...
View Resource Consumer Price Index

According to the Consumer Price Index for March 2000, the Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) rose 0.8 percent in March. This is a 3.7 percent increase since March 1999. After seasonal adjustments, the CPI-U rose 0.7 percent, after a 0.5 percent increase in February 2000.
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Whether you are considering buying a luxury sport utility vehicle or a new blender, this site offers invaluable, unbiased consumer product information. strives to provide "the latest and best competitive analysis of products" for free. The site divides goods into basic, logical categories, and for each product, offers three distinct and related services. Fast Answers is an...
View Resource CPI Research Series Using Current Methods, 1978-98

Bureau of Labor Statistics researchers Kenneth J. Stewart and Stephen B. Reed conclude that "inflation would have been lower from 1978 to the present if the current methods of calculating the CPI had been in place." Their report, titled CPI Research Series Using Current Methods, 1978-98 was preprinted for the June 1999 Monthly Labor Review. Stewart and Reed describe changes from CPI-U calculation...