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Hazardous waste site remediation -- Electronic discussion groups.

View Resource WASTE Mailing List

This unmoderated mailing list/newsgroup provides a forum for scientific discussion on the one hand by people who are distressed by the negative effects that waste can have on the natural environment (soil, water, air and the seas) and on the other hand by people involved in collecting, fractioning, conditioning, recycling or dumping wastes. It is intended for the integrated discussion of all...
View Resource Bioremediation Discussion Group

Bioremediation deals with "the use of living organisms to reduce or eliminate environmental hazards resulting from accumulations of toxic chemicals and other hazardous wastes." Created by GZA GeoEnvironmental, the BioRemediation Discussion Group encourages scientists, researchers, and others to share knowledge and ideas regarding bioremediation practices and technologies. Users may join the...
View Resource Biological Remediation

This week's Topic In Depth focuses on the use of biological organisms to reduce environmental contamination. From the US Geological Survey, the first site (1) is a general introduction to bioremediation and includes links to several examples of successful bioremediation projects. Next (2) is a glossary of terms related to biological remediation. The third site is an educational resource (3)...