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Geology, Stratigraphic -- Cambrian

View Resource Life in the Palaeozoic

The Open University in Britain is well-known for its efforts to bring higher education to persons across the world. As of late, they have also been expanding their online offerings for the general public by making course materials available on their "OpenLearn" site. This particular course will take interested parties into the world of the Palaeozoic era. Through six different topical sections,...
View Resource Utah's Cambrian Life

What was going on in Utah 500 million years ago? Quite a bit, and this website provides an excellent overview of the diverse Cambrian life that flourished in an ancient sea that covered what is now the Beehive State. Interestingly enough, the website was created by the division of invertebrate paleontology at the University of Kansas Natural History Museum, and it includes images of a wide array...