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Critical thinking -- Study and teaching

View Resource Using Field Lab Write-ups to Develop Observational and Critical Thinking Skills

Doing field labs in geology can be quite a rewarding experience, and this helpful educational resource is something that can be used by a wide range of science educators. Created by Professor Kim Hannula of Fort Lewis College, this resource is designed to help teachers incorporate writing into the description and interpretation sections of a geologic report. Visitors to the site can find a set of...
View Resource Critical Thinking Web

Teaching critical thinking can be difficult, and it is nice to know that Professors Joe Lau and Jonathan Chan at the University of Hong Kong have created this site to help both teachers and students in this endeavor. Working with a grant from the government of Hong Kong's University Grants Committee, the two have created this website to provide access to over 100 free online tutorials on critical...
View Resource Encouraging Critical Thinking Online

Students spend a great deal of time online, and teachers may wonder how they can best teach students to use -- or disregard -- the information they find. Created by the Intute organization in the UK, "Encouraging Critical Thinking Online" consists of two teaching units for use in classroom settings. Visitors will note that the exercises can be used individually or consecutively. The resources...
View Resource Center for Media Literacy: Best Practices

The field of media literacy is not a new content-focused subject, but rather "a new way to teach all subjects." It is a key interest of the Center for Media Literacy (CML) which is dedicated to heaping citizens "develop critical thinking and media production skills needed to live fully in the 21st century media culture." This particular section of the website includes best practices documents,...

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View Resource Teacher to Teacher: Critical Thinking in the College Classroom

How do educators teach critical thinking to college students? It's an important task, and one that can be done creatively and in a fashion that speaks to a wide range of learners. This website created by the University of Texas at Austin's Teacher to Teacher initiative compiles fourteen modules: ten focused on specific critical thinking skills and four on specific teaching methods. The Explore tab...