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The Jewish Virtual Library

Created by AICE, an organization formed to promote US-Israeli ties, JSOURCE offers students of any denomination information on Jewish history, Israel, US-Israel relations, the Holocaust, anti-Semitism and Judaism. Highlighting this site are the comprehensive bibliography and the glossary of Hebrew and historical terms and persons. Other features include a number of biographies of prominent Jews,...
Anti-Semitism In The United States, 1981

The American Religion Data Archive (see the December 11, 1998 Scout Report) has recently posted the results of a study of anti-Semitism. "The major topics covered include the anti-Semitic beliefs of non-Jews as well as the anti-Semitic experiences of Jews." The study also examines Christian fundamentalism and prevalent attitudes toward other racial and ethnic groups. The text of the questions and...
Jewish National and University Library Ketubot Database

"For over 2000 years Jewish law has required that every husband present his wife, at the time of their marriage, with a marriage contract or ketubbah, guaranteeing the wife's financial rights in case of the husband's death or divorce." These Kettubot are a rich source for studying Jewish history, customs, and art, as many were decorated according to the locality and period and reflected local...
Centropa: Jewish Heritage in Central and Eastern Europe

A nonprofit organization based in Vienna, Austria, the Centropa group is headed up by a team of historians, educators, photographers, and other artists and scholars. The site contains a number of different oral history and photographic archives, in addition to sections dealing with contemporary Jewish life in the region and around the world. The basic search options within each of these sections...
The Joe Fishstein Collection of Yiddish Poetry

"In poor homes there is so much beauty" reads the preface to this online exhibit and catalogue, which speaks much about the life and times of Joe Fishstein, a garment worker from the Bronx who had a great love for Yiddish literature, particularly poetry. After his death in 1978, his family willed his entire collection of over 2300 books to the McLennan Library at McGill University, where they...
American Jewish Historical Society

The mission of the American Jewish Historical Society is "to foster awareness and appreciation of the American Jewish past and to serve as a national scholarly resource for research through the collection, preservation and dissemination of materials relating to American Jewish history." Constituting the oldest ethnic historical organization in the United States, the Society provides detailed...
The Israel Museum

Located in Jerusalem and founded in 1965, the Israel Museum is renowned for its holdings of Judaica, archaeological artifacts from the Holy Land, and its holdings of the Old Masters. The Museum Web site features several online exhibits that will be of interest, including one dealing with money in antiquity; the sacred animals of ancient Egypt; and A Day at Qumran, which examines the daily life of...
From Haven to Home: 350 Years of Jewish Life in America

There is much about the Jewish experience in America that is similar to that of other immigrant groups, including the processes of acculturation, discrimination, acceptance, and assimilation, to name but a few. This special online exhibit from the Library of Congress features more than two hundred objects of American Judaica from its extensive holdings, supplemented by other items loaned by other...
Ancient Refuge in the Holy Land

Once again, the good people at NOVA have created an eye-opening website to complement another interesting and compelling program in the long-running series. This website presents a host of materials about a recent archaeological exploration into a cave in the Judean desert designed to explore the last refuge of the legendary Jewish patriot Shimon Bar-Kokhba, who led a revolt against the Romans in...