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Chocolate -- History

View Resource Valentine's Day and Chocolate

While the exact origins of Valentine's Day are often disputed, the link between chocolate and the modern incarnation of this particular holiday are undeniable. Recent data released in a report by the business information group Datamonitor revealed that the global consumption of chocolate totaled approximately $42.2 billion worth of chocolate-based consumable goods. It will not come as a surprise...
View Resource Exploring Chocolate

Chocolate is "More than a food but less than a drug." From the San Francisco-based site Exploratorium (described in the February 21, 1997 Scout Report) comes a yummy compendium exploring chocolate from bean to bar and beyond. Divided into topical sections, the site examines everything from the processing of the cacao beans into chocolate to the chemical makeup and possible health benefits from...
View Resource Chocolate Exhibition

Chicago's Field Museum invites educators to "use the enticing subject of chocolate to teach your class about the intriguing relationship between nature and culture." Click on Educators' Resources to access 12 downloadable lesson plans, 6 of which focus specifically on the relationship between chocolate and the environment. Not only do these lesson plans offer students a fun way to learn about...