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Time measurements -- Software

Sharp World Clock 4.55

What time is it in Nairobi? Or Iowa City? And who can forget St. Petersburg? All of these pesky timekeeping problems become a thing of the past with the help of the Sharp World Clock application. The program allows users to set up any number of digital or analog clocks in a row or grid, and visitors can also customize the clocks to show different national flags and backgrounds. The program also...
Break Taker

Do you need a break? Would you like your computer to give you a reminder about said break? BreakTaker can help by encouraging users "to take short breaks at regular intervals." Visitors can use this application to change the time between break notifications and customize its appearance as well. This version is compatible with Windows.
Track My Life

Where does all the time go? It's a good question, and Track My Life can help you learn more about how and where your time is spent. The application runs in the background of a user's phone and tracks how much time they spend in any given location. At the end of each day, users can look at a full report to see a breakdown of the places they were and how long they spent in each location. This...

Ever wonder how much time you spend on any given website? Now you can find out with TimeStats. This version of the Chrome extension allows users to collect stats on the websites they visit each day, week, or month. Users can even create graphs and charts to visually look at how much time they spend on these sites. This version is compatible with computers running Google Chrome 33 and newer.
Ever Hour

If you're looking for a simple time management and reporting tool, why not give Everhour a look over? First-time visitors would do well to start with the Features area to get acquainted with all of the bells and whistles. It's very user friendly and visitors can customize the appearance of the program to reflect the order and tempo of their workday. This version is compatible with all operating...