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History, 20th Century -- United States

View Resource American Experience: The Lobotomist

The film "The Lobotomist" is about Walter Freeman, the inventor of the lobotomy procedure, and is available to watch on the American Experience website. Although there are no gory scenes in the film, and the descriptions of the procedure aren't overly graphic, the horrifying part is hearing of the effects of a lobotomy. The link to the "Introduction" to the film, at the bottom left side of the...
View Resource History News Network

What happened in the past is already being documented in the present for the future. This complexity is not lost on the talented people at George Mason University's History News Network (HNN). The HNN was started in 2002 and its mission is "to help put current events into historical perspective." The distinguished advisory board includes Pauline Maier of MIT and Walter Nugent of Notre Dame. Each...