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View Resource Mobile Health 2010

Mobile phone applications (or "apps") and their use in the world of healthcare information is the subject of this recent report from the Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project. Authored by associate director Susannah Fox, this 15-page report was released in October 2010, and it looks at how different cell phone users use their phones to look up health or medical information. The...
View Resource Twoppy

If you're trying to manage a get-together with friends or a business meeting, Twoppy is worth a look. Visitors with an iPhone can use Twoppy to add practical information about an event (such as driving directions) and then add maps and other information about the event, such as the time and a description. This version of Twoppy is free and compatible with iPhones running iOS 4.1 and newer.
View Resource Google Maps 3D

Several major companies, including Google, are working on getting elaborate 3D maps online. This latest iteration of Google maps for Android-powered devices allows users to browse select cities in a 3D fashion. Utilizing aerial imagery, the buildings appear in a three-dimensional format, which can aid people navigating their way around an unfamiliar urban environment. Visitors can customize their...
View Resource Air Call-Accept

We've all had our hands in the dishwater when an important call comes in. The Air Call-Accept application gives users the ability to just wave their hand across the proximity sensor, and voila: the call is accepted. It's quite useful for people who are driving around quite a bit, though others will certainly find it efficacious. This version is compatible with devices running Android 1.6 and...

View Resource Pew Internet & American Life Project: Public Library Resources (Infographics)

The Pew Internet & American Life Project has compiled these infographics for use by journalists, scholars, and members of the general public. These visualizations represent the fruits of their substantial research into topics such as Internet usage, cell phone ownership, and social media. The site contains over 60 infographics and the materials here are culled from the Project's past reports,...

View Resource Page2Images: Mobile Emulator

If you're a website designer, you are probably very interested in how your site appears on mobile devices. The Page2Images site makes this entire process quite seamless. Visitors just need to type in the desired URL, choose the device, screen size, and orientation and voila: a no-frills but reliable thumbnail of what the site will look like. This version is browser-based and thus compatible with...