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Menu design


Menus: The Art of Dining

This online exhibition from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas offers a glimpse into the history and development of menus. This site begins with a brief history of restaurant menus, which proffers an overview of the history of the restaurant, early restaurants in America, the origins of the menu, and a short treatise on early menu format and structure. Unsurprisingly, the menu was likely invented...
MenuPrefs 2.6

With all the steps required for changing the energy saver preferences on a Mac, things can get a bit annoying. Fortunately, MenuPrefs 2.6 can be quite helpful with this process. MenuPrefs provides a "menu-bar-based front-end application" that gives users access to everything from sound preferences to system access preferences. This version is compatible with computers running Mac OS X 10.3 and...
What's On the Menu

If you are hungry, it may not behoove you to spend too much time on this website. On the other hand, it might offer up a bit of inspiration for a new culinary exploration. In short, the New York Public Library has digitized over 17,000 historic menus containing over 1.2 million dishes. It's a gastronome's feast and anyone with a penchant for cookery will be delighted to learn of its existence....