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Cloud computing

View Resource DocumentCloud

Cloud computing is gaining currency, and this new project is just one of the many initiatives that will make people sit up and take notice. The Document Cloud nonprofit began in 2009 with funds from the Knight News Challenge, and the idea behind the group is that journalists, researchers, and archivists can use the DocumentCloud workspace to upload documents, share them with teams of colleagues,...
View Resource icloud

It's nice to have documents, images, and other items from one's home computer easily accessible, and icloud makes this possible, as it is essentially a virtual desktop with 3GB of available storage. After visitors sign up for a free account, they can store their documents and also collaborate with others via icloud. Visitors are also welcome to sign up for more storage, but there is a fee...
View Resource Comodo Online Storage

Having a backup of important files is crucial, and Comodo Online Storage offers one possible solution. After completing a brief registration, visitors will be able to store up to 5GB at no cost. The site also includes a video presentation, a simple drag & drop feature for adding files, and the ability to create folders for said materials. This version is compatible with Windows XP and newer.
View Resource PDFstash

Do you ever wonder where you put that last PDF you created? It can be a vexing problem, but with PDFstash you need wonder no more. The program allows visitors to put all of their PDFs in the cloud and then create bookmarks and folders that will keep things neat and tidy. Placing the PDFs in the cloud simply requires users to drag and drop documents. The free account option allows users to store 20...

View Resource Younity

Are you interested in going into the cloud? Perhaps you'd like to share a few files for reference on the go, as you travel, and more? This is all possible with Younity, which is a great way to keep important items on hand. Interested parties can simply download the app, read the FAQ area, and get started. It's a seamless way to share lots of files and is compatible with iPhones as well as Windows...

View Resource ownCloud

For readers who know about Dropbox, ownCloud will be an intuitive find. The services are similar. They both provide online storage space for documents, graphics, mp3s, and other files. They both make sharing files with friends and coworkers simple and allow access from mobile devices and multiple desktops. However, more sophisticated users may prefer ownCloud for at least two reasons. First, as an...

View Resource Drive by Jolicloud

The ever-developing Paris-based tech company Jolicloud has been producing web-based desktop tools since 2009. So the Drive app, which allows users to consolidate various cloud storage services, is built on five years of designing, redesigning, and integrating as customers' needs have adapted to the shifting ecology of the Internet. Many people these days have stored music, documents, spreadsheets,...