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Boston (Mass.) -- Social life and customs

View Resource Old Boston Photograph Collection

In 2007, the Boston Public Library rediscovered a rather intriguing cache of photographs from the late 19th century in their archives. While there is still some debate about the provenance of these photos, they believe that the prints were taken by photographers affiliated with the Boston Camera Club, and that this organization was responsible for coordinating this specific project. Recently, the...
View Resource City of Boston Archives: Online Collections

Boston has the oldest city archive in the United States and has recently embarked on an ambitious program to digitize more photos, maps, and other pieces of visual ephemera. This site offers a number of thematic photo collections, including ones dedicated to public institutions, city landmarks, the Boston Redevelopment Authority, and public celebrations. Visitors shouldn't miss the Peter H. Dreyer...

View Resource Understanding Boston

How does one begin to understand the workings of a major metropolis? It can be a tough job even for a seasoned expert in urbanology or governance. The Boston Foundation has offered up this area of its website to bring together resources that address the thorniest issues facing the Hub, including public schools, public health, transportation, and housing costs. First up is the Research, Reports,...

View Resource Innovation District

Many cities are working to create innovation districts in the vein of the Silicon Valley and it can be an up-hill battle. Boston is currently working just such a district in its Seaport neighborhood and has been the recent subject of many articles, blog posts, and general discussion. As the city's official website for the district, visitors to this site can learn about physical headquarters in the...