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Genomics -- Study and teaching

View Resource Integrative Genomic Sciences

Wesleyan University's Integrative Genomic Sciences (IGS) program is designed to help students learn how genomics utilizes bioinformatics. The IGS website contains several teaching modules for two such courses, and educators are encouraged to use these modules as curricular supplements or as a framework for developing their own examples in a computer lab setting. Two of the modules use Drosophila...
View Resource Microarrays Media Book

A team of researchers at Davidson College created this fascinating online tutorial, and they refer to it as a "textbook for a technology society". There are four interrelated modules here which use 3D animation and interactive learning tools to help students understand functional genomics and its applications. Each module has a number of smaller sections that contain basic summaries of each...
View Resource Genomics in Education

How do you get young people interested in the world of genomics? Well, for a start, you can take them on this interactive tour of the Genome Sequencing Center at Washington University. Created by a team of researchers at the Center, this site offers twelve different video clips, several supplemental videos, and a host of student activities. Visitors can get started by viewing the five different...
View Resource Gene You: Genetics and Inheritance

How do gene patterns affect our lives? Geneticists learn new things everyday about such matters and young people (and others) can bask in this fascinating knowledge via the Baylor College of Medicine's Gene You project. Funding for the project comes from the Science Education Partnership Award program at the National Institutes of Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The content includes...