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View Resource CENtral Science: The Safety Zone

Chemical and Engineering News has a separate website for "News, notes, and musings from C&EN" that takes a more accessible look at what is going in the world of chemical engineering with a dozen different blogs. These blogs include "Just Another Electron Pusher", "The Haystack", and "Artful Science". Visitors will find the latest entry in "Artful Science" to be an informative piece on acrylic...
View Resource Blogs

This site brings together all of the blogs for the Nature Publishing Group, including discussions on public health, genetics, chemistry, and other interesting topics. First-time visitors can glance over recent meditations from British physicians on new and improved surgical operations and the Higgs-Boson particle. Visitors can read through one or all of the fifteen blogs or scroll down to the New...

View Resource Compound Interest: This Week In Chemistry

Andy Brunning, a chemistry teacher from Cambridge, England, has created this site as a way to examine the chemical compounds we encounter on a day to day basis. With a keen eye to graphic design, Brunning's posts often feature or are accompanied by engaging graphics intended for educational purposes. For example, Brunning has crafted a wonderful category called This Week in Chemistry, in which he...

View Resource Chemistry World Blog

The Chemistry World Blog, from the Royal Society of Chemistry, presents a wide range of chemistry-related concerns, from thoughts on the uses of Botox to winners of the Novartis Prize. Recent posts have examined the history (and chemistry) of synthetic dyes, posited ergotism as a possible contributor to the horrors of the Salem Witch Trials, and celebrated the discovery of four new elements. The...