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The Electronic Zoo

The Electronic Zoo: A List of Animal-Related Computer Resources (Internet/Bitnet Mailing Lists, Gophers, World Wide Web Sites, Mail Servers, Usenet Newsgroups, FTP Archives, Commercial Online Services, and Bulletin Board Systems.)
Infrared Zoo Gallery

Animals have been a furtive ground of exploration for artists for millennia, and they have been represented elegantly in painting, sculpture, and photographs, to name just a few of the most popular media used in their depiction. This novel online collection from the California Institute of Technology features dozens of animals in a whole new light: Infrared. Recently, a team of researchers took...
Reviled and Revered: Toads, Turtles, Snakes, Salamanders, and Other Creepers and Crawlers

Reviled and Revered is an excellent set of lesson plans on reptiles and amphibians, or herps, created by the Smithsonian Institution's Office of Education for grades 3-8. Reviled and Revered is just one example of the interdisciplinary, multicultural learning materials developed by the Smithsonian "to help teachers bring into their classrooms the educational power of museums and other community...
San Diego Zoo: Kid Territory

This San Diego Zoo website is absolutely packed with fun and informative stuff for kids, and features not only the residents of the zoo, but also the people who work there. Read All About It offers a look at how the San Diego Zoo began, why we give scientific names to animals, why animal enrichment is important, and much more. Science in Action offers simple experiments to do at home or in the...
Zoological Society of London: Institute of Zoology

As the research division of the Zoological Society of London, the Institute of Zoology (IoZ) “conducts basic biological research which benefits the conservation of animal species and their habitats.” The IoZ website provides summaries of the Institute’s seven Research Themes including Wild Animal Health and Welfare; Behavioral and Evolutionary Ecology; Biodiversity and Macroecology, and...
University of Wisconsin-Madison Zoology Museum Collection

A recent addition to the University of Wisconsin-Madison digital collections, the Zoology Museum (UWZM) Collection includes digitized versions of heavily illustrated biological journals, a few dated as early as 1859, and the majority from the first half of the 20th century, allowing visitors to page through the published observations of naturalists in the field. In addition to searching, journals...
The Drost Project

The Drost Project Visual Guides from Veterinarian Maarten Drost at the University of Florida provides stunning visual guides to theriogenology, which is the study of animal reproduction. The species the Drost Project focuses on presently are cow (bovine), buffalo (bubaline), sheep (ovine), pig (porcine), and horse (equine). A guide to dog (canine) reproduction is under development as well. The...
National Science Foundation: The Secret Lives of Wild Animals

What are wild animals up to all the time? Curious minds want to know, and this interactive and visually stimulating site from the National Science Foundation is just the place to find out. First-time visitors should click over to the Introduction to learn about how the NSF's interdisciplinary team of scientists is designing innovative tracking and information-management systems to learn exactly...
Classic Illustrated Zoologies and Related Works, 1550-1900

The homepage of this delightful digital caravan features a colorful image of the surmulet fish. It's a nice way to introduce this collection of classic illustrated zoologies. The books here are culled from the New York Public Library's vast holdings and include works from 18th century France, 19th century America, and the magisterial 1837 work The Birds of Europe. These marvelous works are both...