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View Resource College Sports Online

Follow your favorite major college football (Division 1-A) and basketball teams from this one-stop shopping site to all conferences and all schools in the division. Coverage from the local newspapers for each team is provided, as well as links to those newspapers with Web sites. National interest information is also provided, including links to organizations or places important to the overall...
View Resource Title IX and Women's Sports

Last Sunday's Women's World Cup Final between China and the US and the unprecedented excitement surrounding it have been portrayed by many as a turning point in women's sports. While the performance of the US team may not have been as critical to the future possibility of a US professional women's soccer league as some claim, their win is certainly a major success story for Title IX. Passed in...
View Resource A Call to Action: Reconnecting College Sports and Higher Education

On June 26, the Knight Foundation's Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics issued a report that calls for a number of sweeping reforms in collegiate athletics. Among other things, the report calls on college presidents to form a new coalition to reassert control of college sport and recommends banning corporate logos on school uniforms, barring teams that do not graduate at least 50 percent of...
View Resource Journal of Issues in Collegiate Athletics

Created as an initiative by the College Sport Research Institute (CSRI) the Journal of Issues in Collegiate Athletics is "intended to foster an atmosphere that encourages personal and intellectual growth for faculty and students, demands excellence and professional integrity from faculty and student affiliates, supports independent critical college-sport research, and advocates for college...