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Fossil fuels -- Environmental aspects.

View Resource Direct Experiments on the Ocean Disposal of Fossil Fuel CO2

_Science_ has published an article, Direct Experiments on the Ocean Disposal of Fossil Fuel CO2, discussing a recent experiment conducted by scientists at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute and Stanford University. The goal of this radical and ambitious experiment was to directly dispose carbon dioxide (produced due to burning fossil fuels) in the cold and high-pressure environment of...
View Resource Organic Geochemistry Data of Alaska: DDS-59 Version 1.0

The US Geological Survey Energy Resources Team's Organic Geochemistry Laboratory has made available its Alaska Organic Geochemistry Data Base. The data represent efforts to investigate "the origin and occurrence of organic fossil fuels." Available in multiple file formats, tables may be accessed individually, or the entire database may be downloaded (24 MB). A few table titles include Stable...
View Resource Fossil Fuels

The Department of Energy Web site Fossil Fuels is billed as an energy education site mainly for older kids, but can be enjoyed by adult kids as well. The site gives an introduction to energy, and then a more detailed look at the acquisition and uses of coal, oil, and gas. The good descriptions, illustrations, and animations, along with the frequent questions page and glossary of related terms,...
View Resource Health Assessment Document For Diesel Engine Exhaust

From the EPA's National Center for Environmental Assessment, a recent publication release is available online entitled Health Assessment Document for Diesel Engine Exhaust. The over six hundred-page document contains information on the physical and chemical composition of diesel exhaust, its atmospheric transformation, and an extensive look at its health effects.