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View Resource Infinit

What's the easiest way to send files? That's the type of question that might start some serious online discussion. Infinit offers one of the easiest ways to complete such a task with an intuitive and well-thought out interface system. First-time visitors can take an online tour to get started and learn how to both accept and transfer files. Users can also learn about all of Infinit's various...

View Resource is a great way to share materials with collaborators and colleagues from Indiana to Indonesia. Essentially, it is a central place for storing and sharing simple items such as text or links. It's a bit like a clipboard with more control and the ability to sync across a diverse set of devices. First-time visitors can click on Learn More to explore the various features before signing up. This...

View Resource Filemail

Filemail gives visitors the ability to send large files quickly and seamlessly without any registration. It can be integrated with popular email programs and the size limit on files is 100MB, which is quite useful. This particular version is compatible with all operating systems.

View Resource is a simple and secure way to transfer files. Sign up just requires an email address. From there, users may drag and drop files as large as 3GB to the page, enter destination emails, and then send. (To put this in perspective: the average full-length movie is about 1GB.) Besides speed and efficiency for large file movement, the site also provides basic security, so that readers...

View Resource Simple.Savr

Simple.Savr is a new file-sharing device that allows users to quickly and easily share files with anyone in their wifi network. Simply type and edit text into a Share box or upload files for others to download. Shared files are available to anyone in the network for one week. At this time, there is a 25MB limit to files that can be shared -thus, while this tool is useful for sharing text...

View Resource Pearltrees

Pearltrees is an organizational tool that allows users to clip and save websites, documents, images, and files of interest. Users can group saved items into categories and share their lists with other users. With this resource, instructors can easily share educational resources, group project members can share ideas and resources, or families can plan a vacation. Pearltrees will also suggest...

View Resource Wire

Wire is a secure collaboration platform that supports instant messaging, file sharing, voice calls, and video conferences. Users can switch among Wire's different communication modes (IM to video conference, for example) with a single click, without needing to change programs. Wire supports "encrypted guest rooms" for communication with external clients and partners. Guests are sent an invitation...